Wonderland for recreation

The tropical rain forest is the land ecological system that has the largest number of creatures in the world. Its function is far more than to maintain the biodiversity and stability of the gene pool. To certain extend, it is the carrier for the natural medicine resources pool and ecological functions. Viewing from the world, tropical rain forest plays a significant role in balancing the carbon and oxygen and adjust the climate.

After years of construction, Xinglong Tropical Garden has gradually formed a small tropical rain forest environment with over 5800 mu. The garden has the tropical rain forest features, including heavy forest, high temperature and humidity, especially biodiversity. The garden constructors also particularly protect and introduce various local flowers and plants that are not available in other forest gardens, which make the garden more original and the tropical rain forest garden match the reality.

Heavy forest and beautiful flowers not only maintain the water and soil, clean the air, but also bring lots of oxygen especially negative oxygen ion. Negative oxygen ion is a kind of gaseous ion with negative electricity. Like vitamin in the food, negative oxygen ion is very important to vital activity of human body and other creatures, some people believe that the negative oxygen ion is related to longevity, so it is also called longevity element. Therefore, in Xinglong Tropical Garden, you can enjoy purer air and carefree negative oxygen ion. It is really a paradise to live and preserve the health.

    Perfect touring and teaching base
    After 20 years of hard working by Mr. Wentai Zheng and its employees, there are over a million plants in Xinglong Tropical Garden by artificial growing, including thousands of kinds of plants living in tropical zone and subtropical zone all over the world. Through 20 years of growing and protecting, the ecological environment in the garden is greatly improved. Biodiversity is increased continuously, especially local orchid. There are almost all kinds of local orchids in the garden. At present, there are several functional example areas with over 3400 plants species in the tropical garden. Tropical garden is also the wild animals releasing place and important conservation district, as well as the habitat of some migratory birds. According to incomplete statistics, in the range of 400 hectares in garden, there are over 60 kinds of birds and dozens of kinds of rabbits, foxes, monkeys and snakes. In the future, there will be more animals living in the garden. The humidity increasing in garden forms more original tropical rain forest. Xinglong Tropical Garden will become the most representative tropical rain forest species base in China.

    Such perfect biodiversity rain forest garden can serve as research base for scientists and the base for touring and teaching. It will become the best place for domestic and overseas students and adults to approach tropical forests and to understand main species living in tropical zone.