Xinglong Tropical Garden is located in Xinglong Hot Spring Holiday Resort, Wanning in southeast of Hainan Province, about 3 km from Shimeiwan exit of eastern highway, integrated with Tongtieling Nature Reserve. It is a tropical rain forest ecological environment reserve combining nature, humanity, horticulture, gardening and environment.

Xinglong Tropical Garden occupies an area of 5800 mu, including over 600 mu for lake. It is the nearest tropical rain forest to the sea along eastern coast on Hainan Island. With flourishing tropical forest, sequestered valley and thousands of rare plants, you can enjoy the amazing nature here and the close relationship between human beings and the nature.

Xinglong Tropical Garden is located facing South Sea with plenty of sunshine and rain. The climate is moderate without hot summer and cold winter. The unique landform provides excellent natural living conditions for multiple creatures. It is one of the most potential districts to protect tropical biodiversity in China.

In 1992, patriotic personage Mr. Wentai Zheng started to build Xinglong Tropical Garden with private investment on a land where aging rubber plantation, waste agricultural land and remaining valley rain forest were available. In order to protect and recover the tropical rain forest resources, optimize the ecological environment and promote the sustainable development of Hainan tourism, we try to recover and protect the original structure of the tropical rain forest, as well as to protect many rare species in the tropical rain forest by migration. At the beginning of the construction of the garden, we protected the existing natural forest and species, in the base by forest conservation, lumbering prohibition and hunting prohibition, especially for the tree species. We planted the grass to hold the water and land, promoting the recovery of local plants. After that, we introduced species in different groups to transplant many special tree species and threatened plant in proper areas in the garden, such as Hainan cycads, alsophila spinulose, chuniophoenix hainanensis, Hainan dragon tree, dalbergia odorifera, Qingpi tree and podocarpus fleuryi. Meanwhile, in order to promote the protection and development of biodiversity and build living environment suitable for microorganism, insects and animals, such as butterfly, birds, fox, wild boar, monkey and other small wild animals, we plant plenty of nectar and pollen sources, berries, nuts, as well as vine, shady plant, orchid family, fern, and lichen.

With the effective protection and recovery of the tropical rain forest, the tropical garden develops with the purpose to become an example base to show harmonious relationship between human beings and nature with optimal ecological environment. The ecological environment in the garden is gradually improved with increasing species. At present, over 3400 plant species (millions of plants) are available in the garden, including 65 threatened plant species. In such threatened plant species, there are 27 species are listed in China Plant Red Book, and 8 species are planted by introduction and cultivation. Many plants that become extinct are protected by migration with propagation in group. There are 6 touring areas, including tropical plant sightseeing area, tropical rain forest sightseeing area, creature feeding area, reproduced tropical rain forest area (celebrity planting area), gardening sightseeing area and camping area. At the same time, the tropical garden becomes set--free point and important reserve for the wild animals, as well as the habitat for various birds. The tropical garden is a large base to generate oxygen. We insist low-carbon trip to reduce the carbon emission as much as possible. Electrical vehicles featuring with energy-saving and environment protection are used in the garden. The buildings in the garden make full use of wind, water system and shade to reduce the temperature with no need to use air conditioner. The irrigation system in the garden are multiple water ways built based on the mountain.

When you walk in Xinglong Tropical Garden, you will see the flourishing tropical rain forest, numerous rare plants. Butterflies fly in the flowers and you can hear the birds twittering surrounding. The beautiful mountains, clouds and rivers make the garden amazing and mysterious. As an enterprise, Xinglong Tropical Garden abandoned the traditional economical mode and establishes the operation mode of “environment owner”. All the businesses are based on the harmonious development of ecological environment with a promising future. Therefore, Xinglong Tropical Garden has become a special city card in Wanning, Hainan with high reputation both at home and abroad. Many national leaders and overseas celebrities have visited the garden. It is a permanent base for the teenager summer/winter camping in the world.

Xinglong Tropical Garden has gained many honors for years, including one of four environment ecology example education bases and species gene bank confirmed by government in China. “Tropical rain forest recovery” has gained the title of national intelligence base. The government in China has recommended it as “Top 500 Global Environment” to United Nation in 1997. In 2002, All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese has awarded the honor of “Rejuvenate the Nation by Science and Education Example Base”. It is recognized as leisure agricultural example unit by Department of Agriculture of Hainan.