Dear tourists:

Your coming to our garden is our pleasure, if you referred to the following provisions, you will have a good time here.
1. garden open hour: 08:30——17:30

2. Ticket: one ticket for one person and effective on the same day. The ticket can not be refunded and changed. Please show relevant effective credentials in preferential period.
3. It is forbidden to cross over the fence, climb rockery, smoke, swim and fish in the garden. It is also forbidden to spit, relieve, and throw peel, cigarette end and chewing.
4. Without permission, it is forbidden to barbecue, catch animals or collect plants in the garden.
5. It is forbidden to bring gun, sling, hazard materials and any animal into the garden.
6. Except the garden employee, persons in charge of guiding must have tour guide qualifications.
7. It is forbidden to forcibly sell anything to tourists in garden and undertake any operation without permission.
Service telephone 00 86 898 62571890